Good for Business

Promoting smarter travel options to employees is a great way for organisations to engage with staff, have some fun and increase productivity. When you recognise and reward employees who carpool, walk, cycle and use public transport, it is the icing on the cake for commuters, who'll also:

  • gain personal health
  • and social benefits, and
  • make a valuable contribution to improved environmental outcomes.

Your employees will benefit from choosing alternatives to driving alone, even for just some days of the week.

Optimize Parking

Reduce the demand for, and cost of parking by allocating prime parking spots to carpoolers. Access to preferential parking can be an attractive incentive to staff to form and maintain a carpool group.
Reduce your organsation’s parking space requirement and maintenance costs.

Make new friends and professional contacts

A convenient and robust carpooling programme can add fun to the commute and help employees extend their professional social network.